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Vazin Jay Company

Vazin jay Company has been active in importing authentic and high quality coffee from Africa. The company has partnered with INTAN Tanzania Company and is the only exclusive agent of this company in Iran.

Brand Jay Coffee

Vazin jay’s company buys its coffee products with the brand name of Jay coffee, which is handmade, from the East African lands in the Kilimanjaro, Tanzanian volcanic mountains and under the fruit trees. These seeds are completely hand-crafted and obtained with professional flush. The professional and advanced processing and processing of Jay’s coffee makes it possible for us to proudly and proudly say that it is one of the finest coffee beans in the world, both Arabic and Robusta, for the first time. From Tanzania, which is almost one of the best countries with high-quality coffee fields. Enter our beloved Iran.

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Mahdi Ghasemian

Mahdi Ghasemian

Mohammad Ali Laly

Mohammad Ali Laly


Vazin Jay's activities

The company also operates in the field of importing coffee machines and boiled coffee, using coffee and coffee brewing experience. The coffee maker and the coffee maker have made a very high quality, original and quality boil. These coffee machines are mainly from the companies. The company also worked on how to plant, maintain, harvest, and brew coffee, as well as how to properly brew coffee in a variety of ways, and has also provided training and articles on this topic. Which is available both to the textbook and the film to coffee enthusiasts.

In addition to importing good quality coffee, Vazin Jay Company exports and imports all of the authorized goods. Packaging and distribution, affairs and clearance.